What people are saying... / by Anthony Sferrazza

While out searching for content I am often approached by curious passer-bys...

Generally, they ask some basic questions...Are you a professional?  I say, "No, it's a hobby or addiction that I truly enjoy!"  Usually, they're interested in equipment or what I am finding to be interesting about the location or subject matter.  I respond, with the intention of being insightful and helpful, but point out that anyone can and usually does take pictures.  As it relates to equipment, I add that almost everyone has the ability to chronical and many do so with the smartphones.  If they're interested, but be careful...as with any photography nut, I can drone on and on about photographic equipment, likes-and-dislikes, etc.  So be forwarned, before you delve into that abyss.  Subject matter and composition are personal preferences in my opinion.  Nonetheless, I usually encourage them to share their images, as the enjoyment of others is truly inspirational.  I compare photography to cooking, but I'm fairly certain it parallels all creativity...the enjoyment of others makes all of the effort worthwhile.  It's great to prepare a meal that you enjoy, but it is far more rewarding to prepare a meal for others that they enjoy.

So if you see me Chimping, please feel free to say hello!!