NY Airshow by Anthony Sferrazza

I was fortunate enough to attend to the 2018 New York Airshow at Stewart International Airport over the past weekend and I will be adding some photos that I was able to capture at that event. It’s a great show - this year the USAF Thunderbirds headlined, along with a lot of vintage aircraft. It’s great day and weekend that everyone should try to attend if they get the opportunity.

For those interested in attending, the 2019 NY Airshow will be held the weekend of August 24th & 25th.




What people are saying... by Anthony Sferrazza

While out searching for content I am often approached by curious passer-bys...

Generally, they ask some basic questions...Are you a professional?  I say, "No, it's a hobby or addiction that I truly enjoy!"  Usually, they're interested in equipment or what I am finding to be interesting about the location or subject matter.  I respond, with the intention of being insightful and helpful, but point out that anyone can and usually does take pictures.  As it relates to equipment, I add that almost everyone has the ability to chronical and many do so with the smartphones.  If they're interested, but be careful...as with any photography nut, I can drone on and on about photographic equipment, likes-and-dislikes, etc.  So be forwarned, before you delve into that abyss.  Subject matter and composition are personal preferences in my opinion.  Nonetheless, I usually encourage them to share their images, as the enjoyment of others is truly inspirational.  I compare photography to cooking, but I'm fairly certain it parallels all creativity...the enjoyment of others makes all of the effort worthwhile.  It's great to prepare a meal that you enjoy, but it is far more rewarding to prepare a meal for others that they enjoy.

So if you see me Chimping, please feel free to say hello!!